These Waffles Are Sent from the Sweet Heavens

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Sure, waffles and chicken were destined to be eaten together, but you can’t deny the fact that this breakfast food is just as irresistible eaten alone. You’re welcome, waffle lovers. Here are some waffles you want to leave room for.


8. Workdesk Coffee

You will only see three things on newcomer Workdesk Coffee’s menu: coffee, chia bowls, and savory and sweet waffles. The honey waffle with bruléed bananas, vanilla yogurt and ground black sesame takes the cake, but the waffles with calamansi curd, fresh strawberries, homemade granola, and whipped cream is a close second.


7. Bluesmith Coffee & Kitchen

There’s a reason why this is called Ube Dream Waffle. #Bluesmith #BetterThanYourFavorites #Ube #Waffle

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To those looking for out of the ordinary waffles, have a bite of the Dark Choco Churro Waffle or the Ube Dream Waffle of Bluesmith Coffee & Kitchen. This is the only time we’d recommend to go to the dark side.


6. Milkbox

Milkbox answered our prayers and invented Wonuts (or waffle donuts) so we don’t have to choose.


5. St. Louis House of Fine Ice Cream and Dessert

Well, I'll be damned. 😛 SO GOOD 👌🏼

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Ferrerro Waffle 😍 . . . . . #BGC #bgcitizen #ferrerorocher

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St. Louis proves it’s the master of desserts with their unique concoctions like the Ferrero Waffle and Banana Popcorn Waffle.


4. Yardstick

Enjoy Yardstick’s third-wave coffee with their infamous Salted Caramel Waffle. Not your typical combo for a midday snack, but how can you resist?


3. Goto Monster

Goto Monster got our favourite Filipino merienda flavours and made them even better. Just look at their Champorado Waffle with crispy dilis and Bibingka Waffle with salted egg.


2. Olivia & Co.

Waffle na pa- fall 😍😂💯👀

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The Snorlax Waffles in Olivia & Co. looks nothing like its Pokémon namesake. What you’ll get is a waffle topped with berry compote, savory bacon bits, bananas, ice cream, and drizzles of honey and homemade peanut butter.


1. Gelare

Anything à la mode is always a good idea. Take Gelare’s À la Mode Treat, a classic, crunchy waffle finished off with a choice of their natural ice cream and whipped cream.


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