The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts Under P300

By  - 7 months ago

With all the tradition and celebration surrounding Valentine’s Day, this holiday can burn a black hole in the pocket. But it doesn’t have to be all fine dining, champagne, and expensive gifts, after all, it’s the thought that counts, right? Here are five gifts for your Valentine that are thoughtful yet budget-friendly.


Give something you and your bae can use everyday like matching cups. Make sure they’re reusable so you can hydrate and save the earth together.

Price: Php 177-202

Shop it here.


If words aren’t enough to express how you feel, maybe music will. Gift a classy music box to remind your significant other that they are your sunshine, your only sunshine.

Price: Php 187

Shop it here.


Get an accessory that you can both wear like these his and hers bracelets made of lava and marble stones.

Price: P 199

Shop it here.


Commemorate the moment you became official with a custom keychain that has your anniversary date. In this way, no one has to ever forget *wink*.

Price: P 246-260

Shop it here.


Saying “I love you” in one language might not be enough, so say it with more with this necklace that projects the phrase in 100 different languages.

Price: P 73


Shop it here.


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