The Jonas Brothers Are Making a Comeback And Twitter Had A Lot to Say

By  - 6 months ago

When it was announced that the Jonas Brothers were coming back and dropping new music, Twitter did not hold back. Former fangirls who are now married or in their mid-20s are all celebrating the return of the “Holy trinity of music”.

They may be older now but their legacy still lives on. Here are the best reactions from the Twittersphere:

Jonas Brothers merch are for keepsakes

It’s not just the girls, even fanboys are celebrating

The saviors of music are back

Being married won’t stop your fangirl ways

Don’t act like you didn’t have posters of them all over your room at one point

We’re broke but we’re here for it!

It’s only a matter of time before this iconic video was brought up again

We don’t care how old we are

It’s never too late to convert

Now everyone’s hopping on that Jo Bros bandwagon


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