The Funniest Overheard Conversations in Manila

By  - 1 year ago

Twitter can be a cesspool but most of the time it’s an escape from the harsh world where you can LOL at memes, banter with strangers, and connect with just about anyone with a username. @OverheardinMLA is an account that compiles the wittiest (and sometimes the most honest) overheard conversations at different locations in Manila.


Here are just a few of the funniest ones we could find.


Not everything is the fault of Mercury retrograde


When you know you have to check yourself before you wreck yourself


You can like someone despite their music preference, after all


This is true, though


When memories last longer than friendships


Now here’s how you take compliments


The search continues for that one person


Sometimes, money just can’t buy taste


If you want to level up on the attractiveness scale, follow this beauty sleep tip


Admit it, it’s true.


The modern, less outdated way of saying YOLO


Our pride is our Chickenjoy




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