The Cute Story of How Martine and Cliff Met Got Us All Kilig

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From a series of Instagram comments to the exchanging of vows at the altar, Sunnies Studios’ Girl Boss Martine Cajucom and TV host Cliff Ho’s history is a modern love story that’s anything but typical. The pair tied the knot last weekend in Bali after 4 years of dating and we can’t help but look back at the funny story of how this couple began their relationship.

Here’s a brief timeline of Martine and Cliff’s love story:



Love at first sight

Photo from @ilovegeorgina

If Cliff ever taught us anything, it’s to never underestimate the power of an Instagram comment. Though Georgina Wilson and Cliff Ho have been friends for a long time, he’s never been introduced to her cousin, Martine. When Georgina posted beautiful pics of her cousin, Cliff Ho didn’t hold back and commented that ‘she is banging’!


Instagram stalking

Photo from @ilovegeorgina

Ever since Cliff Ho found out that Georgina had a beautiful cousin, he began commenting on photos of Martine on Georgina’s Instagram. The man already loved her before even meeting her. At least give him a reply, Martine!


First meeting

Photo from @martine

Though kind of creeped out by the comments at first, Martine took the chance to meet him when he came to visit the Philippines and though they only met for 10 minutes before Cliff had to leave again, their long distance love story began.


First date

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After a series of hours-long (and expensive) phone calls, Martine was swept off her feet when Cliff told her to get her passport ready and to give him 6 days. He was about to take her out on their first date. We can’t make this stuff up, this is made for rom-com movies!


Locking it down

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After all those long distance phone conversations, they finally decided to lock it down and made their relationship official. Camping out in Georgina’s Instagram comments finally paid off!




Photo from @martine

Cliff finally popped the question last year in Bali, the same place where their future wedding will be held. They were dining at a restaurant and instead of a menu, the waiter handed Martine a booklet that contained the couple’s memories. According to her, she cried buckets and so are we!




Photo from @martine

A year after their engagement, they went back to the place where Cliff put a ring on it and the their fairytale to forever began. From social media stalking to LDR to the altar, theirs is a love story that gives us hope that “the one” may still be lurking on Instagram somewhere.


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