Spice Up Your Street Style with NBA Store

By  - 1 year ago

The next time you find yourself stuck in the NBA Store as the bae shops for their nth team jersey, take this opportunity to find pieces in the store (or from his closet) for your own use. Here are different ways to support your (or your bae’s) team in style.


Whether you have a bad hair day or not, accessorizing with a cap adds that extra oomph to your off-duty ensemble.

Whoever said you can’t wear a jersey outside a sports arena has not seen it with wide-leg jeans. Make the look even more feminine in strappy ankle heels.





Add contrast to a loose, baggy sweatshirt by sporting a tight-fitting skirt to show a little form. Accent your outfit with tinted sunnies and some colored socks.





Before you head out in a comfy team tee, jeans, and sneaker combo, consider these few changes to up your look: pile on a leather jacket and switch to chunky boots. Don’t forget the careless attitude to exude that edgy chic vibe.
















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