Semi-permanent Brow Solutions For People Who Just Don’t Have Time

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Not everyone has the luxury of taking time out of their mornings to get those brows on fleek, and to be honest, some of us don’t want to! Thankfully, living in the 21st century means beauty innovations for us folk who are always short on time.

Here are 3 semi-permanent solutions for those fickle follicles at every time frame!

1 WEEK SOLUTION: Peel-off eyebrow tint

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Application time: 5-10 minutes
Processing time: 1-2 hours

Us peel-a-holics had a ball in 2016 with the lip and brow tints. These products come as a sticky, thick liquid – think Elmer’s glue, but for adults! It takes a while to dry up, which just gives more room for error if you accidentally colour outside the lines.

Leave the solution on at night while you’re procrastinating on Facebook or stalking crushie. The longer you keep it on, the more pigmented and long lasting your brows will be. On top of having a gratifying peel, we’re left with filled in brows that won’t need to be touched up for up to a week!

4-6 WEEK SOLUTION: Brow-tinting with dye

Application time: 5-10 minutes
Processing time: 5-10 minutes

Unlike the former, we wouldn’t recommend doing this method alone in your bedroom. Box dyes at beauty supply stores contain ammonia and other chemicals that aren’t safe for either your face or your eyes, so having your brows tinted by a professional is definitely the best way to go!

1-3 YEAR SOLUTION: Microblading

Application time: 30-60 minutes
Processing time: 30 minutes

When you hear “eyebrow tattoos,” the first image that comes to mind are probably black, blocky brows on some poor lady that doesn’t know what she’s in for. Thankfully, those days are gone, that trend has died a horrible death, and new tech has introduced us to this bad boy.

Mircoblading is the new age eyebrow tattooing that honestly looks eons better. Instead of filling in the entire brow with ink, this new technique involves recreating eyebrow hairs for a more natural feel. This semi-permanent solution last 1-3 years, depending on the client’s skin and maintenance, and will take 60-90 minutes per session and 2 sessions to complete, but honestly what wouldn’t we give for naturally thick looking brows!


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