Long-Wearing Evening Makeup Looks (and How to Remove Them)

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Life is so much easier when your makeup stays on all day (and all night). Whether you have oily skin or are partying until the wee hours, you’ll want to save yourself the embarrassment of your makeup melting. Long-wearing makeup is the obvious solution, but even more important is how to remove it after reveling the night away. Unless you’re fine with clogged pores and the dreaded acne that comes after, you really need a cleanser that removes all impurities.

With that, we’re presenting you with four party looks and what you should use to remove them.


Glittery eyeshadow


Go extra festive with a glimmering hue. Use a glitter makeup product while keeping the rest of your face natural. Glitter-based makeup is notoriously difficult to remove so choose something with a gentle, no-sting formula that won’t damage or dry your delicate eye area.


Dramatic liner with heavy mascara


Amp up the theatrics with a totally bold eye. You’ll need waterproof eyeliner and mascara to achieve this look. To remove it, use a formula that moisturizes as it cleans to protect the most sensitive area of your face.



Blurred lines



This is a super contemporary look that has graced many a FW17 runway. We call this one the “post dinner and drinks, but make it fashion” look. To achieve it, we suggest wearing a long-lasting liquid lipstick formula and using a lip brush to blur the edges. To protect your lips, opt for a product that removes your liquid lipstick in as few swipes as possible


Ace of base


All that partying means you’ll need a long-wearing matte foundation to last the whole night. For balance and contrast, strategically highlight your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and finish off with a glossy lip. Unless you actually want to break out, removing your base is super important so find something that dissolves impurities as it cleans.



No matter what look you decide to rock on your evening out, it’s absolutely necessary to know how to remove it. Although L’Oréal’s Micellar Water Cleansing Oil effectively removes all makeup, it really works its magic on even the most waterproof and long-wearing formulas. Its cleansing molecules work to dissolve impurities and remove all (that’s right, all) traces of makeup, leaving your skin purified and refreshed with just a few swipes. You can rest easy knowing that all that stubborn residue will be eliminated no matter what you choose to put on your face.

Whether you’re oily, dry, combination, or sensitive, this ultimate all-in-one solution works on every skin type due to its gentle formula that moisturizes and protects your skin as it cleans. To use it, simply shake before applying, pour on a cotton pad, and swipe. No rinsing or double cleansing needed. Super easy. And that’s your nightly ritual sorted.


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