Kate Spade’s Iconic Designs that Ruled the Fashion Scene

By  - 1 year ago

For every fashionable and trendy woman, owning anything Kate Spade was like a rite of passage. Kate’s unique and fun designs stand out from the rest, which is why she is an icon that will go down in fashion history. She pretty much ruled the handbag empire.


To honor the great talent that is Kate Spade, let’s look back at her most iconic designs that influenced the fashion industry.


Polka dots

This simple print is now synonymous with Kate Spade, adorning its collection of handbags, accessories, notebooks, and phone cases. Who knew this simple yet delightful design would become a mainstay of Kate Spade’s collections.


Famous florals

Kate Spade is also famous for the pastel-colored florals featured on a huge portion of their items. The delicate and feminine design makes it super wearable for almost anyone, hence its popularity.


The whimsical handbags

Sometimes, Kate Spade’s handbags don’t actually look like handbags. She changed the game when it came to quirky bag designs. Even though she left the label in 2007, the visuals and aesthetic stayed true to her vision.


The “Sam” bag

90’s trendy kids will probably remember when this first came out. This boxy handbag has become so iconic that it was reissued and resurrected this year.


Decked-out mary janes

The bold, adventurous prints and patterns transformed mary janes into fun and fashionable footwear. Kate Spade turned this often ordinary shoe into a fashion statement.


The envelope wristlets

This minimalist itemplain black with just the iconic gold logo is so popular even until today that several brands have their own versions of it. Its sophisticated and sleek look makes this a classic must-have.

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