Jade Rollers Are In! Here’s Everything You Need to Know About It

By  - 11 months ago

Beauty enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the latest beauty trends to up their skincare routines. We’ve seen derma-rollers, automatic face brushes, and instant teeth whitening kits, but what’s piqued everyone’s interest lately is the jade roller.


You might’ve seen these paint-roller style tool on Instagram and upon looking at reviews and testimonies, we’ve decided to narrow down its uses and benefits.


It’s an ancient tool used by the Chinese

Though it rose in popularity lately, jade rollers have been used in China since the 17th century. They’re used to soothe muscles and tissues with just the right amount of pressure. Nowadays, skincare fanatics use it to massage their face with serums, oils, and essences.


It reduces puffiness

Jade rollers are said to increase the level of lymphatic drainage in the face. This means it helps remove excess fluid under the eye and the cool jade stone is said to constrict blood vessels to minimize swelling.


Some beauty gurus even recommend sticking these tools in the freezer for an extra kick!


It gives your face a bit of natural color

Using a jade roller on your face can also increase blood circulation, which temporarily gives you a brighter flush in the face — the same bright flush you get after exercising. So if you want a blush-on without actually having to apply makeup, maybe the jade roller can do the trick.


It might help with stress and anxiety

If you’re a believer of crystals and their healing powers, jade is traditionally associated with protection against negative energy. According to the Chinese, Jade helps balance your chi and minimizes anxiety, stress, or fatigue.


It might not heal your acne

So far there has been no medical evidence that proves jade rollers aid in treating acne. Dermatologists also say that it doesn’t reduce wrinkles or increase collagen production either so it’s up to the skincare products you use with the jade roller to do the ‘healing’.


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