How To Get The Signature Elegant French Sporty Look

By  - 11 months ago

Pulling off a chic sporty vibe is no easy feat, but thanks to Lacoste’s new design offerings in celebration of its 85th anniversary, dressing up is made fun and easier! Here are ways you can wear sporty yet elegant look:


#Slay your OOTD with this 1960 re-edition tennis dress and show everyone who’s QUEEN!


From sporty to classy real quick! The 1980 re-edition dress is great for a day trip.


Match your dress with this super chic 1960 re-edition tennis shoes and you’re off to go!


For your accessories, choosing the 1990 re-edition belt bag is a no brainer!

But if you’re worried that your stuff won’t fit in the belt bag, you can opt for a bigger bag…



Now, this is the only chic sportswear you’d wanna get caught wearing!


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