Here are Some of the Best Winning Moments of Brand Twitter Accounts

By  - 2 years ago

Twitter will never die! At least, we hope to the high heavens it doesn’t. Because it truly is a comedic gold mine. Our favorite thing about it has to be when brands and other corporate Twitter accounts start getting cheeky and deliver some of the best comebacks out of nowhere.


Like the fact that KFC was being low-key clever and this guy was the only one to notice.


Fast forward to about a month later and he got rewarded for his eagle-eyed Twitter escapade.


And when Arby’s tweeted Pharell during the Grammys about their iconic hat logo.


Also, that time Taco Bell went on the offensive after Old Spice fired shots.


And they got a little defensive on the issue of someone having a Taco Bell food baby.


That time they pretty much jumped right into a relationship with this dude.


Only to find less than an hour later…


And that time UK broadcasting companies E4 and BBC3 went toe to toe sassing each other out.


Sadly, this tip from the London Underground to an irate passenger has been tried and tested would not fly in the Philippines.


Wendy’s did not miss out on this chance to show McD’s who’s boss.


But the roasting does not stop there!


And, well, ooops! They did it again. With BK, this time.


Oh, and Wendy’s definitely knows how parties can go.


They’ve already won with their Twitter name alone, but pizza roll brand Totino’s also has this thread.


They also got this meme.


And this pinned tweet.


How can you just not love Twitter?


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