Hair Stereotypes We Should Leave in 2018

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For the longest time, women have been pressured by society and media to look a certain way. We were taught to live up to a “socially acceptable” standard of beauty and it has given us added insecurities and anxiety—but that has to stop now.


We are shamed for our skin, size, and even our hair. Yes, even hair. It’s not enough that girls are subject to criticism all the time but we are stereotyped according to our looks as well. We must put an end to the shaming of our tresses because at the end of the day, we can’t be defined by our looks. Our hair, our say.


Here are hair stereotypes that we shouldn’t bring into the new year:


1. Pixie cuts are manly

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Girls with very short haircuts will encounter people who will ask if they’re “going through a rough patch,” or comment that it’s “too masculine”. Sometimes, a girl just wants to sport low-maintenance hair because it’s a hot country and we want to save ourselves the effort of doing ponytails.


We’re not always going through a breakup and it doesn’t automatically mean we’re boyish—some of us are just comfortable with a pixie cut and we feel pretty with it!


2. Curly hair is messy and always unkempt

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Girls with big curls have probably been called “kulot salot” and at some point, it gets annoying. They hear comments like “It’s too big” or worse, get asked “Why don’t you rebond it?”.


Straight hair has always been the more “ideal” hair but standards have shifted now. What’s so messy about curls anyway? Curls represent fun and freedom; plus it stands out from the rest. So curly-haired gals, heed our word: own it and embrace it.


3. Bright colored hair is unprofessional and wild

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Someone will most likely say “No one will hire you with that hair” if you dyed your hair with an unconventional color. There’s a stigma that women with colorful hair won’t be taken seriously by anyone because it’s not “normal”.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with not adhering to the norm. Be experimental, be bold, and by all means be free to express yourself. Let’s stop restricting women from being creative with their makeup, clothes, and especially hair. If we wish to be adventurous and put color into our life that shouldn’t reduce us to someone who’s “wild”.


4. Blonde hair is cheap

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Those with bleached hair might’ve been told that it’s “unnatural” or “cheap-looking” and they’ve probably heard someone in a pitiful voice asking why they would do that to their hair. But why not though?


Some girls don’t want to stay inside the lines and play it safe—sometimes we just want to make spontaneous decisions to switch it up. There’s nothing cheap about wanting to shine and being golden. And besides, blondes have more fun so let them have it!


To really bring our point home, watch this inspiring video from Dove featuring fearless women who are unbothered by stereotypes:

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