Extreme Diets and Workouts Male Celebs Did for a Role

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From only drinking whiskey to eating so much they got gout, Hollywood actors go to extremes to achieve a certain look for a movie.


Because we already covered female celebs’ extreme diets for a role, it’s only right that we do one for male celebs too. But make sure you don’t try these diets at home!


Chris Hemsworth

We’re used to seeing him all beefed and bulked up as Thor, but did you know he also shed some pounds for another role? 33 lbs. to be exact.


The movie In the Heart of the Sea required the actors to lose a lot of weight to make the stuck-at-sea plot believable. According to Hemsworth, at one point he only ate one boiled egg, crackers, and a celery stick.


Christian Bale

Christian Bale is known to really immerse himself in his characters when he takes on a role. He’s notorious for his method acting, especially when he actually lost a whopping 60 lbs. for The Machinist.


His diet? Just Cigarettes and whiskey. It’s no wonder that he perfectly pulled off the skeletal and ghostly character in the movie.


Matthew McConaughey

Because Matthew McConaughey had to play a man with HIV/AIDS in Dallas Buyers Club, he had to lose a ton of weight—38 lbs. at that. According to him, he lost a lot of energy from eating so little.


After following a strict diet, his weight got down to 143 lbs. While he also did cardio to further lose weight, 90% of his transformation was from what he was eating and portion size.


Jared Leto

Another known method actor, it’s said that Jared gained an astounding 67 lbs. for his role in Chapter 27.


He would consistently chug a mix of melted Haagen-Dazs ice cream, olive oil, and soy sauce to play Mark David Chapman, the man who murdered John Lennon. He gained close to 70 pounds, but he also gave himself gout as a result of eating too much.


Michael Fassbender

This actor had to lose 33 lbs. to portray Bobby Sands, a historical figure known for starting a hunger strike and eventually dying from starvation.

In Hunger, Fassbender had to literally embody hunger and settled on a diet of berries, nuts and sardines, eating 900 calories a day for the first five weeks. He also walked four miles a day accompanied by skipping and doing yoga.


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