Easy Skincare Routine for Dudes

By  - 11 months ago

If you think skincare is exclusive to women, you’re dead wrong. Dudes and dudettes alike should cultivate a proper skincare routine.


Our skin is a very important organ and keeping it healthy should be the bare minimum. So gentlemen, let’s knock off the notion that taking proper care of skin is something only women do.

Here are easy steps you can follow.


Cleanse face and lather up twice a day

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Men tend to have oilier skin because they have more oil glands, according to Elizabeth Tanzi, M.D. They also have tougher skin too, so it’s recommended to wash your face twice a day — once in the AM and once before going to bed.


Exfoliate twice a week

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All these skincare steps would be senseless if you didn’t slough off those dead skin cells. It’s a rule of thumb to exfoliate at least twice a week to prevent clogged pores and acne breakouts. Give those new and healthy skin cells time to shine and give you a healthier and brighter glow.


Apply aftershave with Vitamin C

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Now this is just a bonus step and not really required, but it’s also a good extra step if you shave everyday. Choose an aftershave that’s alcohol-free and has vitamin C as these ingredients are anti-inflammatory.


Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

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Moisturizer should be automatic after cleansing your face. This is to hydrate and “seal” your face, protecting your skin from toxins. Moisturizers are especially crucial for those with dry, flaky skin.


Slap on some SPF

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Last but definitely not the least important — sun protection. Aside from skin cancer, harmful UV rays cause rapid aging and wrinkling, and you don’t want any of that do you? Doesn’t matter if you’re just in the office all day or in the car because UVA and UVB rays have a sneaky way of getting on you.



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