Crocs Came Out with A Fanny Pack Worth P16,000 And It’s ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

By  - 7 months ago

Just when you thought that Crocs can’t possibly outdo themselves, they come out with a new outrageous product that’s worth a whopping $300.



The rubber clogs have always had polarized opinions and a not-so-favorable reputation, but the iconic brand is still alive and kicking and coming out with even more products.



Pizzaslime, a store based in L.A., collaborated with the infamous brand to debut a fanny pack that comes in two colors—black and yellow—made out of the rubber shoe.



Yep that’s right, they put a zipper and a strap on the shoe and voila! It’s now a pouch. Don’t worry, you can actually put stuff in it! Attach some custom, limited edition Jibbitz on it and you’ve got yourself a crossbody bag worth P16,000.


If their previous Balenciaga collab is any indication that it will sell out, then this one might be a hit too. A handful of comments on their announcement post already implicate that a lot of people are excited to get their hands on the shoe-turned-bag.

But just like with every Crocs item, there are naysayers too. “This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen,” said one. What do you think about this collab?


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