Be a Superheroine by Joining These Environmental Organizations

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Do you ever catch yourself looking at troubling news or observing the surroundings and wondering, “Is there something more I can do?” As citizens, it’s our duty to protect and preserve our environment. Aside from proper segregation and recycling, here are Philippine organizations you can join to help save the Earth.


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Animals deserve to be protected too. They play a big part in nature as well, so their welfare is our responsibility. At PAWS, you can assist in vet clinics and shelters, as well as participate in awareness campaigns by helping distribute pamphlets and brochures in barangays and neighborhoods.


OCEANA has protected more than 3.5 million square miles of ocean and marine life but there’s still a lot to be done. You can support them through donations by signing up on their website and joining more than 500,000 members all over the globe.

5. Waves for Water

This organization helps provide clean water to communities. You can get involved though joining their Courier Program, where you travel and distribute filters to poor or rural communities. You can also join or create a fundraiser to help raise money and promote the organization’s campaign for clean water.

4. World Wide Fund for Nature

WWF’s mission is to help Filipinos create solutions to climate change, provide sustainable livelihood programs, as well as promote the conservation of land and marine life. You can take action by joining them in their social mobilization for the annual Earth Hour or becoming a volunteer photographer and videographer for their communications department.

3. Save Philippines Seas

If you’re a researcher, writer, blogger, or graphic designer, you can become a seatizen. Through these skills, you can take part in the campaigns. They also have a leadership program for youths where you will participate in workshops, outdoor activities, and pitch a project for implementation.


2. Haribon Foundation

Save our forests, plant a tree! There are plenty of ways to support and volunteer at Haribon. Aside from tree planting, you can adopt seedlings, assist in research, provide exhibits, and create learning sessions. You can also support them by buying products from their Eco-shop here.


1.Greenpeace Philippines

Greenpeace is all about confronting environmental abuse and providing solutions to save our planet from climate change destruction. At Greenpeace, you can help through online activism, attending jungle survival training, researching, or by simply making a donation monthly.

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