Battle of the Acne Patches

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High humidity, pollution, and stress, mixed with genetics is a cocktail of skin problems waiting to happen. Though having a 10-step skincare routine is an amazing ways to lessen both our stressors and pimples, it’s almost impossible to avoid them altogether.

That’s where pimple patches come in. These affordable dots make a world of a difference when it comes to remedying painful, active acne — especially when you want one gone overnight.

Be wary though, because not all pimple patches are made the same! We rounded up a few of the most accessible and affordable patches in the market, and tested them so you wouldn’t have to.

Find out which one is the best below!

5. COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

Arguably the most popular acne patch in the market, this product is available almost everywhere and anywhere you can find Korean skincare. The original Acne Pimple Master Patch comes in 3 different sizes in one package, making it perfect for all breakouts.

Recently, COSRX released a seamless variation called the Clear Fit Master Patch that’s meant to be invisible. This version is matte and much thinner than its predecessor, making it more effective at covering your active acne outside the house.

Both COSRX pimple patches stay put, no matter how much you toss and turn at night or wear it out during the day. Though, be warned that if you are looking to put makeup over the Clear Fit, the edges will peel up after a few hours, making it painfully obvious it’s there.

Another pro to being the most popular on the list is that this patch comes with a plethora of reviews on how to make it the most effective. Admittedly, this patch isn’t effective on cystic acne, but it works amazing on ones that have been popped or have come to a head.

Medium sized Master Patch

Standard size ClearFit patch

Longevity: 4.5
Effectivity: 5
Value: 5

Acne Pimple Master Patch:
Price: 200 pesos
Number of patches: 24
Price per patch: 8.3 pesos

Clear Fit Master Patch:
Price: 200 pesos
Number of patches: 18
Price per patch: 11.11 pesos

Available at selected Watsons branches, Beauty Bar, and BeautyMNL

4. PUREDERM Spot Reducer Gel Patches

Unlike the previous pimple patch, this product is infused with Salicylic Acid (0.5%) to battle stubborn acne that has yet to come to a head. It’s not meant to “suck out” gunk, but rather lessen inflammation and swelling. These patches have a brown, felt exterior, and are much larger in diameter — making it more visible and bandaid-like. Long story short, don’t wear it outside.

The box has a full “how to use” section to help it stay on longer, which you’ll definitely refer to, because the weak adhesive makes the patch roll off with a light touch of a finger otherwise.

The product claims that continued use will decrease inflammation over time. Though we can vouch that it does what it says, it also does it rather slowly. If you’re looking for an overnight treatment to active acne, this ain’t it.

However, if you just want something that will protect your spots from dirt and debris while slowly lessening the swelling, this patch would be it.

Longevity: 3
Effectivity: 3
Value: 4

Price: 129 pesos
Number of patches: 30
Price per patch: 4.3 pesos

Available at Watsons branches

3. BENCH Clear Pore Acne Dot

The cheapest product on the list is definitely the most accessible. Local clothing titan Bench released this affordable acne patch, and we were itching to see if 30 pesos can really go a long way with our skin problems.

One pack comes with 12 patches and 2 size variations. Each patch is infused with pimple fighting ingredients like Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree Oil, and Aloe Extract just to name a few.

Though these are described as “invisible gel patches” the texture is more of a glossy plastic — making them feel neither invisible or gel-like. It’s also difficult to pry off the plastic patch off the plastic packaging, but we’d say it’s worth it since the patch doesn’t budge once its on your skin.

The price point is hard to argue with, but the effectivity is a different story. The patches did little to nothing to lessen the redness or swelling of the acne. 30 pesos was probably just too good to be true.

Longevity: 5
Effectivity: 1
Value: 2

Price: 29 pesos
Number of patches: 12
Price per patch: 2.4 pesos

Available at BENCH retail stores

2. DR. WONDER Anti-Spot Acne Patch

K-beauty strikes again with another powerful hydrocolloid acne patch. Built similarly to the COSRX Clear Fit, the Dr Wonder Anti-Spot Acne Patch is thin and matte, making it less detectable than others on this list.

Don’t let the price tag on this product scare you away! 550 pesos gives you 60 patches, compared to the standard 12-24. Each box gives you 5 packets — 2 large and 3 medium sized ones — so you can keep the others fresh while not in use.

The adhesive on this is strong, and we mean strong. This is definitely the most resilient patch on this list, so if you’re oily and experience slippage with the COSRX patches, this is the best alternative.

Effectivity-wise, you can’t go wrong with this one. It works just as well as the cult favorite COSRX patches, but in a bigger, more-secure form.

Longevity: 5
Effectivity: 5
Value: 4

Price: 550 pesos
Number of patches: 60
Price per patch: 9.2 pesos

1. PRRETI Second Skin Patch

Though this doesn’t look like the stereotypical acne patch, it definitely deserves a mention on this list. The Prreti Second Skin Patch is a gel product infused with acne fighting ingredients like Centella Asiatica and Tea Tree Extract. Once dried, the gel lays seamlessly on your skin, which makes it almost untraceable when you apply makeup over it.

Pro tip: Make sure to only apply this in problem areas and not on your entire face. Doing the latter will make the product peel and crease.

Left: Before peeling, Right: After peeling

That being said, we found that applying the product in places that move often like the cheeks and mouth area makes the edges lift at the end of the day. Though, we did experience a few hours in which it remained pretty flat!

Left: Before peeling, Right: After peeling

On the other hand, we experienced little to no peeling with the places with minimal movement. Big win!

This product did minimize some swelling, so we’ll definitely keep using this especially on days we need to wear makeup. Just make sure you’re only applying a light layer to keep it seamless.

Longevity: 4
Effectivity: 4
Value: 5

Price: 350 pesos
Amount: 10g

Available on BeautyMNL

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