‘All That’ Is Getting a Reboot! Here Are Iconic Sketches That Defined Your Childhood

By  - 6 months ago

This is not a drill—Nickelodeon is reviving their classic comedy sketch show for kids ‘All That’ and original cast member Kenan Thompson is going to be behind it. Grown adults today who grew up watching this TV show are probably rejoicing as we speak and for good reason!


If you’re too young to know, ‘All That’ was a big deal to tweens during the late 90s and early 2000s which brought us hilarious and memorable sketches that are still remembered today.


We can only hope that the original regular comedy skits will make a comeback as well, but in the meantime, here are iconic ‘All That’ sketches that defined our childhood:


Vital Information

Despite the title of the sketch, the premise of this one is basically just Lori Beth Denberg telling trivial and random statements that aren’t actually that vital. She’ll usually start off with a serious tone and end up going totally off-track.  


Know Your Stars

This sketch usually features the regular cast members but it was special that one time Britney Spears made an appearance. It’s essentially just the narrator trolling the ‘celebrity’ by enumerating false fun facts about the said celeb as they sit there looking appalled and confused.


Everyday French with Pierre Escargot

Before appearing in sketches in SNL, Kenan Thompson was first known as that guy in a yellow raincoat sitting in a bubble bath. His entire deal was teaching the most random and senseless French sentences that you’ll probably never use in your life—but that’s what makes it funny.


Ask Ashley

Before Amanda Bynes shot to stardom, she was Ashley—a seemingly sweet and perky girl who reads letters from people who write to her for advice. Her innocent and friendly demeanor will suddenly change as she goes into a screaming tirade, insulting the letter-writers for asking such stupid questions. She was so effective that she later got her own comedy show, The Amanda Show.


Good Burger

Welcome to The Good Burger home of the good burger can I take your order? This skit became one of the most iconic from the show that a movie was born out of it. Kel plays a slow, sloppy, but good-natured cashier that tests customers’ patience. The segment usually ends with patrons giving up on ordering and leaving frustrated.


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