6 K-pop Idols’ Beauty Secrets

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Flawless and bright skin is a signature look of K-pop idols. If you have dreams of becoming one in the future, then you’ll have to relentlessly maintain your beauty like they do. Skills in dancing and singing can be learned but they also have to invest in proper body and beauty maintenance.


Here’s how 6 K-pop idols stay cute and pretty.


6. Seohyun

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The youngest member of Girls’ Generation is known for her plump skin as well as for being a health nut. She’s been in the business for 10 years but looks like she hasn’t aged a day.


THE SECRET: She claims her secret is that she religiously applies a thin layer of facial oil after washing her face everyday. So if you want her supple and rosy skin, you might want to try facial oils.


5. Tzuyu

Want to attain Tzuyu’s effervescent and healthy glow? TWICE’s Chinese member has a unique way of keeping her skin hydrated and moisturized. If you want to achieve this level of beauty, you’ll have to be diligent in taking care of your face like she does.


THE SECRET: She layers several sheet masks on top of each other so that her skin will absorb the benefits of different kinds of masks. So stock up on those sheet masks and see if you can attain her clear and flawless skin.


4. Jessica Jung

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Former Girls’ Generation member Jessica is envied for her fashion sense and ice cold demeanor. We love that the dubbed “Ice Princess” is 29 years old but still looks as fresh as she was when she first debuted at 18.


THE SECRET: She avoids rubbing products on her skin and instead pats her hands gently onto her face when moisturizing or applying serums. According to Korean beauty enthusiasts, the patting technique helps prevent wrinkles and skin irritation.


3. Nana

Nana is known for her perfect and slim physique. Though After School hasn’t been actively performing in recent years, her modelesque bone structure has landed her many product endorsements and magazine covers. 


THE SECRET: To look extra glam and to accentuate her structure, she makes sure to apply highlighter on her collarbones during red carpet events and photoshoots. So that we she poses for the cameras, BAM! Blinding hotness.


2. Sandara


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The former 2NE1 member is still as gorgeous as ever even at 33 years old. She is always pulling off unique fashion styles and looks that will probably only look good on her. Plus, she always manages to look good no matter what because she doesn’t go crazy on her makeup.

THE SECRET: Her personal beauty routine is that she avoids heavy contouring and by using only CC cream to create dimensions on her face. Simple and light!


1. Suzy Bae


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The idol-turned-actress is popular for her girl-next-door beauty. Her beauty routine is pretty simple and straightforward; something you can actually do yourself.


THE SECRET: She uses a technique known as the 424 method: 4 minutes of rubbing oil on her face, 2 minutes of foaming cleanser and 4 minutes of rinsing with water.



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