5 Ways You Can Achieve the Flawless Underarms of Your Dreams

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Whether you feel most confident with natural hairy armpits or with smooth, hairless underarms, we’re here for it in both ways! Remember: No one else can decide what you want to do with your body hair but yourself. You do you.


But if ever you do feel more comfortable with the latter, let this list guide you to finally achieving the bright, silky-smooth pits you’ve ever wanted.


5. Sugar Wax

Peppermint Sugar Wax, P220, Hey Sugar

If you haven’t ditched your razors yet, you should. In case you didn’t know, the tiny “leftover” hair that you get from shaving makes your underarms look dark! So instead, start waxing; hot wax, for instance, adheres well to the underarms as it opens up the pores. But if you have low tolerance with heat (or if you’re on a tight budget), you can always rely on the good ol’ cold wax. Head to local salons like Hey Sugar which use all-organic waxes. As it is free from artificial dyes and fragrances, there is less chance that your armpits will end up being irritated!

4. Underarm Threading


Source: Socialite Duty
Php 250, Let’s Face It Salon

Haven’t tried threading yet? To give you an idea, it basically uses twisted cotton threads to banish unwanted facial hair. Unlike with waxing, this hair removal method can pull even the shortest hair in your underarms. It’s a little painful at first, but once you’ve tried it many times, the procedure is bearable. Bonus points: it’s even chemical-free!


3. Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal

Php 3,000 per session, Aivee Clinic

If you’re serious about achieving hairless pits forever, consider investing in a permanent laser hair removal. Sure, it’s a lot pricier than waxing, but its effect is long-lasting! Save your paychecks for the Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal at the Aivee Clinic. Many celebs like Julia Barretto swears by this treatment, which promises a “superior cooling mechanism that enables pain-free procedure”, according to the Aivee Clinic’s website. Each session, the laser damages your hair follicles at its root, which prevents them from growing back. P.S. You must undergo five to six sessions to see results!


2. B-Glow Whitening

Php 7, 000+ per session, Facial Care Centre

Aside from permanently getting rid of unwanted hair, lasers can do wonders in lightening your underarms, too! This next-level laser procedure “targets and breaks down melanin deposits to hard-to-lighten skin”, states Facial Care Centre. The number of sessions you’ll need depends on your current skin condition so be sure to book a free consultation.


1. Ergonomic Pumice Stone

Ergonomic Pumice Stone Default

Source: Sephora PH

Php 536, Sephora

Of course, keeping your underarms flawless doesn’t always have to break your bank! Exfoliating your pits every week is a tried-and-tested solution to keep it smooth and clear. Whenever you’re in the shower, be sure to gently scrub your underarms using a wet pumice stone to slough off dead skin cells. Farewell, pesky ingrown hair!


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