5 Ways to Keep Your Hair Looking Good in the Summer Heat

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The surf, sand, and sun might be good to satiate your wanderlust, but they do quite a number on your locks. Summer means basking in the smell of coconuts as much as it means having your hair dry out after exiting the sea, but there are still ways to keep your tresses not looking like a mess!

Here are a 5 ways to keep your hair lookin’ good in the summer heat!

5. Use a sunscreen

Yes, sunscreen! Your skin isn’t the only thing you should be protecting from UV rays. Too much sun can lighten your already color-damaged hair and even dry it out.

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4. Condition often

A little moisture goes a long way, so let’s not keep our tresses thirsty. Always have your holy grail conditioner on hand, especially on the beach. Sea salt has a way of making your hair a tangled mess. Rub in a little conditioner and they’ll detangle like a breeze.

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3. Wash less often

We get it — it’s hot and humid, so the last thing you want is to not shower, but give it a shot! We already don’t recommend washing your hair every day since it dries you out and causes an overproduction of oils. Make dry shampoo your best friend, and your scalp will thank you later.

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2. Leave ins

Washing less may be great for your scalp, but it’s not the best for already damaged hair. Rub your ends with argan oil or a leave-in conditioner to bring them back to life.

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1. Avoid the heat

If you can’t avoid the sun, you can at least avoid heating products! Put the straightening iron and curling wand down, and opt for heatless hairstyles. This will save your hair from breaking off even more.

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