5 Things We Love About the Newest Video on Demand Service in Town

By  - 3 years ago

Video on demand services are the new ‘in’ thing now, and watching our favorite series just gets better and better.

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FOX+ takes video on demand service up a notch by upgrading users’ entertainment experience with can’t miss TV series, award-winning movies, inspiring documentaries, live sports events, and more.

Here are five things we we high key love about the newest video on demand service in town:

5. We never have to miss out on Game Night again.

FOX+lets us live stream sports games anytime and anywhere.

4. We get the same international content.

It’s a bummer when our fave shows are accessible only in certain countries (we’ve all been there). But with FOX+, we get to watch the same shows available internationally.

3. We can watch the complete past seasons of our favorite shows.

Yes, we get the complete back catalogue.

2. We can stream all the Nat Geo documentaries we want.

Because who doesn’t love discovering the amazing things going on in this world? Watching Nat Geo documentaries in our spare time is a totally good idea.

1. We don’t need to worry about spoilers anymore.

With FOX+, we get to watch your series as soon as they are released in the US–so we won’t have to worry about being late to the party.


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