5 Star Products from Local Makeup and Beauty Brands

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If you think you’ll only find good quality makeup on Sephora or high-end makeup stores, you’re in for an awakening. Foreign beauty brands are cool and all but we have locally-made makeup that are just as promising as the widely known cult faves. Here are the best products from local makeup brands.


Skin Potions liquid lipsticks


Aside from the fact that it’s just around 200 bucks, it’s very lightweight. You won’t feel like you’re wearing anything on your lips at all, and it will stay on and last through the night no matter how many margaritas you drink.


Colourette Coloursnap

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This line has a good assortment of colors (8 colors in total!) and they’re ultra blendable. The super natural-looking and dewy finish gives you that sun-kissed flushed look sans sun exposure.


Lash Lab Manila falsies

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Price range: P100-P450

Their soft faux mink lashes are the best. The band is flexible, which means it’s comfy to wear and they have a wide range of styles. They’re also pretty affordable for such good quality faux mink lash so that’s a good plus.


BLK Brow Sculpting Pencil


Their brow pencil is ergonomic because the tip is angled so it’s faster and more effective to use than the traditional brow pencil. They only have two shades available but they’re universal colors anyway and they’re also affordable enough not to make a dent on your bank account.


Made by David Dry Shampoo



First off – it smells insanely good. This dry shampoo does its job well in taking out the greasiness in your hair and a little amount goes a long way. It’s also pretty cheap so this item is a must-have for every girl-on-the-go.

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