5 Shops to Hit Up for Your Constellation Piercing Needs

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Also known as curated cluster piercing, once you’ve gotten over the actual “getting your ears pierced multiple times part,” this trend is pretty easy to pull off. Just pick out a few simple, dainty earrings and have fun mixing and matching the ones you already have on your vanity table! But of course, adding a few new pieces to your collection wouldn’t hurt, so we’ve found some stores where you can get your chic accessory fix. Scroll down below.


5. H&M

Price starts at Php349

These stocks from H&M are super convenient as they already come in sets with choices depending on your personal style.


4. Skinned PH

Price starts at Php245

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Skinned also offers sets that are perfect for constellation piercings. They have more petite and graphic designs to choose from and are all about the minimalist aesthetic.


3. J&Co

Price starts at Php500

These pretty earrings are priced per pair, but they’re made with sterling silver, are nickel-free, and are hypoallergenic, so that’s where your money goes. They ship worldwide, so don’t fret!


2. Vi MNL

Sparkle Earrings 3 – Php 769.00☑ Rose Gold☑ Hypoallergenic☑ Tarnish-resistant☑ Gift-ready 🎁ORDER FORM 📝: https://goo.gl/forms/CQ3GOV5FKWxiEBvA2#ViJeweled #viMNL

Posted by Vi.Mnl on Monday, 23 October 2017

Belle Earrings 5 – Php 605.00☑ Gold☑ Rose Gold☑ Silver☑ Hypoallergenic☑ Tarnish-resistant☑ Gift-ready 🎁ORDER FORM 📝: https://goo.gl/forms/l4kEDxSkN5fzQyd43#ViJeweled #viMNL

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Belle Earrings 3 – Php 750.00☑ Silver☑ Hypoallergenic☑ Tarnish-resistant☑ Gift-ready 🎁ORDER FORM 📝: https://goo.gl/forms/fwjeT7hNmP1dgtSi2#ViJeweled #viMNL

Posted by Vi.Mnl on Wednesday, 4 October 2017

#Shoplocal! Vi MNL is a homegrown brand that embodies poise and simple elegance and you can see it in their designs.


1. Madewell

Price starts at Php1,100

The priciest on this list, Madewell’s stuff are, ahem, made well, using precious metals, crystals, and stones. They even have 14k gold earrings that will feed your minimalist jewelry dreams.

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