5 Moves to Get Toned Arms According to Solenn

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Bust out your sleeveless tops because we’ve got our ultimate It Girl fitspo Solenn to show us the (battle) ropes to getting toned arms…and then some!



Let’s kick things off with this simple yet super effective workout. You don’t have to take it to Solenn, Belle, and Mond’s levels, though. Start with basic push-ups, then try different variations as you get the hang of things. A study by the American Council of Exercise found that the triangle push-up is the most effective move for toning and strengthening your arms.


Bar hangs

Don’t let the fact that it’s a static exercise (and the smiles on Solenn and Mond’s faces) fool you! Try holding on for more than 15 seconds and you’ll get what we mean. If you’re looking to up the ante, go for pull-ups and chin-ups.


Single-arm bent over dumbbell rows

There’s no reason to fear big dumbbells. One of the oldest myths about exercising is that women should stay away from heavy weights. This is totally wrong. Fitness experts have been pushing to correct this mindset for years and we’re glad that our fitspos are on board.


Battle ropes

The road to fitness is never easy. Don’t do it alone. #Soon

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Solenn does two battle ropes variations here. Bonus: battle ropes don’t just work your arms. They target your abs, ‘gams, and booty as well.


All the exercises she did here

Weights-and-Swiss ball hybrids, burpees, and medicine ball throws. Trust Solenn to go the extra mile. But then again, with a fit bod like that, did we really expect anything less?


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