5 Fun Ways to Celebrate National Pizza Day (Besides Gorging on Pizza, Of Course)

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Find us a person who doesn’t enjoy a slice of good pizza and we’ll bet you our bottom dollar (or peso?) that he or she is either lying through their pizza-eating teeth or simply hasn’t found the right pizza.


So while we’re all for celebrating the invention of this world-renowned culinary treasure by downing a whole box on your own, we feel the occasion calls for a more imaginative way to get the festivities underway. Below are five ways to celebrate National Pizza Day. Go out and make merry, people!


5. Wear it

Pizza-inspired sartorial choices can be truly, well…inspired. So why not wear your heart (and love for pizza) on your sleeve with cute pieces like these?

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You had me at pizza. Photo repost from @jekkomartin

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4. Go for a pizza-themed exchange gift with friends

The challenge here is to be creative. Find pizza products that aren’t pizza. Like, say, bags, pillows, or even floaters.

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Photo from Zalora

Photo from Threadless

Photo from Zalora


For your friend who loves to accessorize, think pins, necklaces, or a cool phone case.

Our slices are out of this world 🍕 All pins at PHP 150 | Order form link in bio

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Or go the extra mile and maybe cook up innovative foods that are pizza-inspired. Remember KFC’s Pizza Twister and Chizza? Try your hand at whipping up something like it or experiment on your own.


3. Have pizza for your main course and dessert as well!

There’s a good number of restos out there that offer dessert pizza on their menu. Backyard has their pizzookie.


Project Pie has their Banana Nutella and S’mores Pizzas.

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But given their store concept, you can even build your own dessert pizza.


S&R has tried a number of different dessert pizzas as well, like their Nutella strawberry one,

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cinnamon-covered one,

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and their Cadbury chocolate version.


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Even Pizza Hut has dabbled in the trend with their Toblerone Dessert Pizza, and now, their Pink Passion Dessert Pizza.

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2. Run your own pizza place

Yep. You can get a feel for being a pizza parlor owner if only virtually, when you play “Good Pizza, Great Pizza”. It’s available for free on Android and iOS, and you can kill time on this app even well after National Pizza Day!


1. Share the gift of pizza

Feeling generous? Show your gratitude to the heavens (and the Italians) by giving back. There’s actually a subreddit called Random Acts of Pizza which lets you make someone’s day a bit better when you send them a box or two of pizza. And when you’re feeling down and out, you can post for yourself as well in hopes that a kind soul will pay it forward.


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