5 Foods That Are Drying Out Your Skin

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You know what they say — you are what you eat! Skin reflects our overall health, and that includes whatever we’re stuffing in our mouths. Whatever we eat, it shows on our skin.


If you’re having skin troubles and you’ve tried every product you could possibly get, but you’re not getting any results, maybe it’s time you change your diet.


If you have stubbornly dry skin even though you religiously use moisturizers, here are some of the culprits!


5. Salty food

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Excess salt intake can take out fluids from our body and cause dehydration. This then causes the skin to dry out as well. If you love chips and junk food, you might want to cut it down or at least drink a lot of water to balance it out.


4. Alcohol

Source: nhs.uk

Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it draws out fluids from our body. Having less fluids can strip our skin of moisture and dehydrate it. Another downside of this is that it can make wrinkles or fine lines appear more so if you want youthful and hydrated skin, steer clear from the liquor.


3. High-glycemic foods

Source: The Lifestyle Library

These are the delicious foods – pasta, bread, white rice, and cakes. We know they’re yummy and you can’t live without them but refined carbs cause wrinkles and damage your skin’s collagen.


2. Non-organic foods

Source: Organic Gallery

Non-organic foods have harmful chemicals and pesticides and these toxins will wreak havoc on our body once we consume them. Our skin will most likely show the effects so opt for organic foods – they have three times more nutrients anyway.


1. Excessive Vitamin A

Source: Livestrong

Vitamin A is good and all since it’s packed with antioxidants that help repair tissue but excessive intake can cause “Hypervitaminosis” which leads to dry, peeling skin. Don’t go overboard on your vitamin A.

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