5 Cute Nail Art Designs Perfect for the Summer

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No one wants a dull summer because this season is all about bold, vibrant colors. It’s the perfect time to show off what you got – your beach body, your tan, your summer fling, and your cute AF nail art that match the season.

What summer element would fit your nails? Fruits? Shells? Blue waters? We’re here to give you some inspiration on what eye-catching nail art you should try.



Palm trees are a classic summer element. Reminds us of Beverly Hills, even if some of us haven’t been there. This simple but refreshing design is sure to be loved by minimalists. There isn’t much going on and there aren’t any busy colors. It’s classy and clean.



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Pastels are love. This watermelon design plays with just 3 colors but it’s bright and striking enough to make other girls want to grab your hand and adore it. You can’t go wrong with watermelon designs. They’re just too cute to say no to.



Ice cream and summer is the best combination. Just like how these colors go together. Nothing is as yummy to the eyes than melting ice cream or melting ice cream on nails, for that matter.



Sunset colors are timeless and they can’t go wrong – at least as your summer nails. Pink, orange and yellow colors will give your hands a pretty and lively touch. If you also want a little bit of that retro 80’s feel, this design works too.



Tropical designs are trendy everytime summer comes around. If you’ve got tropical designs on your bikinis or your maxi dresses, might as well go with tropical-inspired nails. This chic and cool design is worthy of showing off in your beach and bikini instagram pics.

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