3 Reasons to Hoard Mac Cosmetics’ Newest Collection If You Have Chapped Lips

By  - 10 months ago

You’d be lying if you said you don’t own at least 5 matte lipsticks. Heck, you probably own at least 5 in every color family. But as a hoarder, you’d know we’re always caught in a catch 22. It’s rare to come across a matte lipstick that doesn’t dry your lips out, but matte lipsticks only ever look good on moist lips.

Using a lip balm under is also out of the question, because the moisture makes some formulas patchy af.

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MAC Cosmetics possibly heard our prayers and blessed us with their Powder Kiss Lipstick collection. The 16 piece collection is described to have a moisture-matte formulation that delivers effortless, soft-focus color.

Image from Blogger Nanal

Though this collection only launches today in the Philippines, it made its debut at the backstage of NYFW — quickly gaining makeup artist and model approval.

Here are 3 reasons you should be hoarding the Powder Kiss Lipstick collection:

3. The formula is a non-drying matte

Image from Blogger Nanal

They weren’t joking when they claimed the formula was a “moisture matte.” Unlike a typical matte lipstick, we felt no pulling or tugging on our lips. If anything, it glided on more like a soft balm.

Though we wouldn’t say the formula is moisturizing per se, it was definitely lightweight and comfortable to wear.

2. The blotted lip look is a runway staple

Image from MAC Cosmetics

This product doesn’t claim in any way to be a full pigment lipstick. They’re much like as described — a soft-focus color that diffuses beautifully on the lips.

This makes it the perfect product if you’re all about the blotted lip trend that’s gracing runways this 2018.

1. It’s the perfect multi-stick

We’ll say it time and time again: not all lipsticks are meant to be multi-sticks. Some formulas are just too stiff and dry to work into your skin as an eyeshadow or blush, but the Powder Kiss formula is the exact opposite.

The Powder Kiss Lipstick collection launches today, November 14, at MAC Cosmetics counters nationwide!