13 Foods that Keep the Pounds at Bay

By  - 2 years ago

You don’t always have to deprive yourself to stay fit. Eating certain foods can actually help you shake off extra calories. But always in moderation, of course. And with a proper fitness regimen, too.


These awesome foods won’t necessarily burn up stubborn fats, but they will keep you from gaining more even when you scarf them down. So better head to the grocery and stock up on these, stat, ladies!


Chilli Peppers

Capsaicin (which gives chillies that heat factor) speeds up your metabolism so your food is converted to energy that your body can use faster. 2x Spicy Noodle Challenge, anyone?



Put avocados in all the things! This green superfruit is vitamin B-rich which will help regulate certain “fat genes” and keep fat-building stress hormones in check.



Nuts (almonds, peanuts, pistachios)

When unsalted and not fried, snacking on nuts are a great and healthy way to feel full so you don’t end up eating more.



This super versatile food contains choline which stops your body from storing fats. It’s also protein and vitamin D-rich which build more muscles that will help you burn calories.



Another great source of lean protein and omega-3, salmon isn’t just yummy. It also helps you burn fat and prevents them from going straight to your belly or thighs.


Sweet Potatoes

There’s a reason why the Kamote Diet is a thing. Sweet potatoes are digested slowly, so you feel full longer.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Acidic foods like apple cider vinegar can help you burn carbs up to 40% quicker.


Lemon Water

Water as it is helps you feel full. But then lemon peel has a component which will help your poop pass more smoothly, so together, they’re the perfect combo!


Tea (green and white)

Tea is a weightloss super weapon! It can boost your metabolism, break down fat, stop fat cell production, and even “turn off fat genes”. Sadly, your fave cup of milk tea or green tea latte won’t cut it. Too much sugar!


Dark Chocolate

Stick to chocolate with 70% cacao content or higher and you can keep indulging yourself with this treat. Dark chocolate will keep you from feeling bloated and promote the burning of body fats.



This classic Korean fermented side dish is high in special probiotics which helps promote metabolism, prevent bloating, and even stop weight gain. Could this be our fave Hallyu stars’ secret to staying fit and trim? :scream:


Peanut Butter

Everybody’s favorite sandwich spread is high in proteins that can keep your cravings down. Hooray for PB&J!



Munch on these boiled or as part of a hearty bowl of sinigang, because okra has fiber which promotes good bacteria that takes care of fat metabolism in your gut.


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