12 Cute AF Halloween Costumes for Your Pets

By  - 11 months ago

With everyone thinking of costume ideas to celebrate Halloween, it only makes sense that we include our pets too. Because who says costumes are for people only? So if you’re planning to bring your doggos and kitties along to Halloween parties, here are costumes you can buy for the occasion.


Batman? Catman is waaay cuter!

Lazada, P171


A cute bumblebee that won’t sting? Yes!


Lazada, P195.38


Kitty the king of the jungle, hear it roar!

Lazada, P392


When you favorite movie is Pirates of the Cat-ibbean

Lazada, P251


What’s cuter than minions? A furry minion of course!

Lazada, P270


You’re under arrest! The purr-lice will come to get you

Lazada, P337


You wouldn’t want to run away from this crawling critter.

Lazada, P550


Yee-haw! No horseplay, just riding into the sunset with your doggo

Lazada, P415


Jurassic Arf! T-rex have never been as adorable as your dino-dog

Lazada, P480


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a cutiepie

Lazada, P242


This jailbird is too adorable to keep behind rails

Lazada, P260


Who needs a jack-o’-lantern when you have a doggo-lantern

Lazada, P447


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